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TXG Golf : autoFlex Shaft test 4
AUTOFLEX Average Swing Speed Test // 90-100mph

The now legendary AUTOFLEX shaft has one more question to answer – how does it perform for average swing speed players? In this video we test the shaft in 3 different flexes using 3 different swing speeds around the average clubhead speed range. Can the AutoFlex offer the average player more distance and accuracy?

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TXG Golf : autoFlex Shaft test 1

We test the AutoFlex shaft from Korea Hidden Technology to see if going longer, lighter and more flexible with this mysterious design can actually lead to longer drives and consistent accuracy!

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TXG Golf : autoFlex Shaft test 2

It's our second test of the mysterious AutoFlex shaft, this time Ian does a full fitting session for Matt to see how much distance, accuracy and consistency can be extracted!

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TXG Golf : autoFlex Shaft test 3
Should Matt Game the AUTOFLEX? // Driver Shaft Fitting

We put the Autoflex shaft to the test against Ventus – can provide extra yardage while maintaining playable dispersion off the tee?

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[Brand News] DAILY TRIBUNE 2021-01-14
The hype is real

It’s very seldom I get worked up on a product that says it gives you more distance…. this one is the real thing!

Golfers go through such length to improve their driving distance. They go the gym, hit the road in the morning or visit their favorite club fitters.
If testimonies are to be believed, you can now add 20 yards to your shots by replacing the shaft of your club with AutoFlex, a product of Dumina Inc., a shaft manufacturer in South Korea.
The pink-colored shaft is taking the golf community by storm despite the stiff price — P45,000. Raymond Bunquin, the general manager of Forest Hills Golf and Country Club, is one such convert.
“It’s very seldom I get worked up on a product that says it gives you more distance…. this one is the real thing!” exclaimed Bunquin, a three-handicapper.
“AutoFlex gave me additional 20 yards on the fly without additional effort at all. It also made my misses very manageable, lesser dispersed shots. I believe it can easily help golfers of all levels.”
Bunquin said he was introduced to the shaft three weeks ago by Paolo Cagalingan and JJ Atencio of Januarius Golf. Playing against his regular playing partners, Bunquin said “the return of investment is quicker than expected” because of his advantage off the tee.
“I think the happiness it gives doesn’t have a price,” Bunquin said.

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[Magazine] Forbes Korea 2020.12
Soft but strong mystery shaft!!

This shaft is strange. Too light, too soft. It was common sense for a fast-paced golfer to use a hard, heavy shaft. A soft, light shaft was thought not to be able to handle the speed. Autoflex is about 10 to 20 grams lighter than conventional shaft.

* Economychosun Magazine (KOR)
[Brand News] economy chosun20201104_01
The plex is automatically adjusted.

Shafts are often compared to 'engine of golf clubs'. That's how important it is. In order to send the ball away while accurately hitting it, the shaft must bend properly and return to its exact position at the moment of impact.