AutoFlex Shaft


Key Features of Autoflex

We finally found it ! Finally, we can introduce the shaft of your dreams.
Autoflex shaft with K.H.T (Korea hidden technology) applied is a new concept of the shaft that changed the common sense of the ordinary shaft.
This soft Autoflex Shaft will provide you the fun that you have never experienced.

Up to 20~30 gram lighter than the conventional shafts.

Select the weight of Autoflex shaft according to the swing speeds.

The shaft automatically optimize the transfer of energy despite different swing speeds.

Increases the head speed while providing stable swing posture and distance.


Question 1
Will it be easy to hit the sweet spot with this soft shaft?
Question 2
Will increase the distance and better with the direction? Will increase the accuracy?
Question 3
What will be the carry and total distance with this soft shaft at the swing speed of 90~100 mph??
Question 4
What will happen if a hard hitter swings fast with our soft and light Autoflex shaft?

Many number of users provided the following feedbacks.

Review 1
The energy and power transmission during the swing is remarkably excellent and will bring the overwhelming performance with the optimal sense of hitting.
Review 2
Strong confidence of the swing with Autoflex will improve the distance and accuracy.
Review 3
The stability and consistency of Autoflex will increase the power and speed.
Review 4
This shaft is unbelievable. Very light and soft, but allows the different speeds of golfers to the best result.
Review 5
This shaft is very useful with the wide range of forgiveness.

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